Over the years, due to a looser budget and an impulse buying habit, I accumulated a lot of physical/digital media that ranged from movies to video games to anime and beyond.

Some of it was much loved and well-worn; the rest has barely been touched.

Then I got older. A relationship started, followed by a marriage and then a mortgage. Money is tighter, and budgeting is necessary. I can no longer freely toss money at whatever catches my eye, but anything we haven’t shipped out of here through eBay remains in my collection…and there’s a lot to enjoy.

Perhaps too much?


So here’s what I decided to do: in addition to being a huge nerd, film lover and gamer, I’m also an aspiring writer, hoping to get my name recognized in some fashion. Writing needs to be a daily habit in order to keep my skills strengthened.

If I’m not getting rid of this stuff, why not review it? At the same time, I can make use of what would otherwise collect dust and decide what’s worth keeping or purging.


Sifting Through the Hoard has two goals: it’s an online journey through my media and also an exercise in learning to let go. Like my collection, there is no real organization or priority in these reviews. What gets unearthed will be as much of a mystery to me as the reader.